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  • Image of the roof of a verandah, as well as the flashing around a downpipe
    Period Hipped Verandah - Large
  • Verandah with vertical glazing held in with the aluminium glazing bar
    Period Hipped Verandah - Large
  • Verandah roof detail clearly showing the glazing bars
    Period Hipped Verandah - Large
  • View of the glazing bars on the verandah roof
    Period Hipped Verandah - Large

Glazing bars

Our glazing bars are manufacture from extruded aluminium and coating using the same high quality method as for framework.

The glazing bars are compliant to British Standard: BS 5516-1 & 2 Patent glazing and slope glazing for buildings

The glazing bars are fixed onto the frame to ensure that they stay in place. If required there will be an intermediate purlin within the roof framework to make sure that there in no flex in the bars.